Real Street Ram 



                The first tunnel ram 
      designed for the street is here

    killer looks, awesome driveability, GOOD gas mileage!

       PatentED Quad-Plane Technology

          simple tuning - bolt on, set the idle, & go have fun!

             incredibly responsive at any rpm in any gear

                Works great ON MILD ENGINES - STOCKERS TO 450hp

                   Money-Back, love-it-or-leave-it guarantee

Patent Granted!  
The Real Street Ram has been assigned US Patent number 8733312.  This demonstrates the unique design concept.  Read the patent here.

Now Chokeless!
We have dropped the electric chokes from the carburetors.  The RSR starts and runs perfectly in 40-degree weather without chokes, so we eliminated them for a cleaner look and one less thing to connect and adjust.

The Real Street Ram™ is the first tunnel ram designed for the street.  Tunnel rams are great race pieces, but have never worked well in street driving.  The Real Street Ram™ is designed to produce Huge Power and Torque with street manners.  In dyno testing our manifold made more power and torque than the most popular high-performance idle-5500RPM dual-plane - +12HP peak, +11HP average from 1500-5000RPM,+25lb-ft at 1500RPM, +20 lb-ft average from 1500-5000RPM.  This was on a plain vanilla Goodwrench 350 engine.  On the dyno, the Goodwrench engine with the Real Street Ram™ can be loaded at wide open throttle as low as 1000RPM – something that couldn’t be done even with the dual plane.  Compared to the high-performance dual-plane, the Real Street Ram™ is stronger everywhere, top to bottom!

New Results!  We ran a 355 cubic-inch SBC, 9.5:1 compression, L79 cam (the 350HP 327 muscle car cam), and ported '292 angle plug heads.  We ran this engine with an RPM air-gap, and with the Real Street Ram.  The Real Street Ram produced >20lb-ft more torque than the RPM from 2000 to 3200RPM!  More power and torque everywhere until the RPM just beat us the last 600RPM of the rev range.

See the dyno graphs below for the '292 engine and the Goodwrench engine.

The Real Street Ram™ is available for pre-1987 Small-block Chevys, and 289-302 Fords.  We use a Weiand Hi-Ram base.  Then we add our Patented Quad-Plane cast aluminum tops and custom-built 580CFM vacuum secondary carburetors from Quick Fuel Technology.  The complete kit also includes linkage, dual feed fuel line, air cleaners, carburetor studs, and carburetor base and air horn gaskets.

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