Real Street Ram 



Will you have the Real Street Ram™ available for other engines?
We have prototype parts for other engines available for a new product - the Fuel Wedge.  Call if you are interested in trying it out!

Can I use other carburetors?
No.  Every circuit in these carburetors is customized except for idle and accelerator pump.  They are cross-jetted.  Each high speed air bleed is specifically sized for the venturi and plenum it feeds.  There is no power valve or secondary spring.  Most of these modifications could be duplicated, but without a dyno with 8-channel wideband oxygen sensors, you would not know what your fuel curve was in each cylinder.  For example we initially worked all this out with Holley 600CFM list 1850 carbs, but had to re-do it on the Quick Fuels using the instrumentation.  If you have something special in mind, call us for a quote to re-work your carburetors for you.  The Quick Fuel carburetors use Holley parts and rebuild kits, but have high-end features such as billet metering blocks and screw-in air bleeds which are required for the calibration we had to do.
Will this work with my power brakes?
Yes it will.  The manifold does not cause any loss of vacuum.  However, there are not large fittings on the manifold for power brakes, and drilling and tapping the individual tops to add them would not look very good.  It also could cause problems due to more interaction between the two plenums in each top.  Our recommendation is to use a vacuum canister, and provide vacuum from the engine using the large vacuum nipples at the back of the rear carburetor.

Is a polished version available?
Yes - we have sent manifolds to Mirror Finish Polishing in Missouri, and then the polishing shop sends them on to the customer.  They do spectacular work, but it costs about $700 for the polish.  Email or call if you are interested in this.
Will this work with my stock distributor?
Yes, as long as you have a small-body type rather than the big-cap HEI.  Run your stock timing curve and vacuum advance, or whatever you would run on your combo with a dual plane.  The manifold will not clear an HEI or Dura-Spark electronic distributor - the distributor diameter is too large.  You either need to use a points distributor with an electronic conversion kit, or an aftermarket small-diameter electronic distributor.  You could actually use points if you enjoy torture.  Summit offers rebuilt points distributors for $50.

How tall is the Real Street Ram?
It is roughly a half inch taller than the standard Weiand top.  From the front edge where the intake mates to the block, to the top of the velocity stacks, is 17.25"
If I need to rebuild the carburetors, can I use Holley parts?
Yes.  The QFT carburetors use standard Holley gaskets, accelerator pumps, etc.  You can use a rebuild kit for a Holley 1850 carburetor.  Holley recently bought out QFT.

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